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Adam Deatherage

Hi, I'm Adam. I bring a curious passion for yoga history, philosophy and poses to yoga with a constant theme of "letting go". I learned meditation at age 12. I went throught my first teacher training at Dharma Yoga in Austin Texas and my second teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institue in Baja Mexico. I am registered with the Yoga Alliance, a certified Reiki level II practitioner, a MBTI certified practitioner and hold a B.S. in Psychology. I work as an advertising consultant with the Wizard of Ads and produce and host of my own TV show. But, it's not about me, it's about you. Class is always multi-level so everyone's included, it's a serious, yet fun, moving meditation that guides you to the edge. You will leave class feeling equally energized and blissful.

Adam Deatherage instructs the following:
  • Candlelight Deep Yoga: All Levels
  • Sink into a deeper awareness in this soothing, gently heated, late-night class designed to help you unwind and prepare your body for sleep. The candlelight removes distractions so you can turn your attention inward and relax deeply. Candlelight Deep Yoga includes a little bit of everything - Flow/Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, partner yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and guided meditation to open the body gently, quiet the mind, and add a nightcap to your busy day.  Appropriate for all levels.

  • Yin Yoga: All Levels
  • Yin yoga is a gentle version of a yoga floor sequence. The Yin practice is slow, quiet, and meditative. Most of the poses are seated hip openers with the primary focus on lengthening the connective tissue surrounding the hip joints and lower spine. In Yin yoga the intention and energy differs from familiar Yang, or heated, yoga style practice. Yin is practiced at a much slower pace, holding poses comfortably for a longer period of time, with less muscular effort and with the intent of softening and surrounding into the shape.  Yin classes are appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced, adding balance to a weekly yoga practice. 

  • Power Yoga: Level 2 & 3
  • An athletic, fast-paced style of yoga that focuses on building strength and achieving a cardio push for the body.  Power yoga includes emphasis on linking movement to breath as in a traditional Vinyasa practice.  This practice complements other athletic activities and fitness routines well.  Power Yoga is suited for athletic types wanting that extra push.

  • Flow Yoga: Level 1 & 2
  • A traditional Vinyasa yoga class with contemporary dynamic flow.  This fluid practice links breath with movement, and balances strength with flexibility.  Each teacher has their own unique style, so each Flow class delivers a different experience.  All Flow Yoga classes are appropriate for some beginner students up to advanced practitioners.