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Tips for Beginners

Dress comfortably. Wear something you can easily move around in. Layers are great as your body temperature will likely change throughout the class. Yoga classes don't require socks, but Barre classes do require socks. 

Slip off your shoes and store your wallet and phone in the cubbies provided in the front retail space. The teacher always locks the front door during classes, so you're personal items will be safe.

Plan to show up 10 -15 minutes early so that you can get signed in and settled before class starts.

Bring water and a towel if you like, or just use one of our towels on the prop wall. You may sweat, depending on the class. Hydration is key to an enjoyable yoga practice. Water is for sale in the lobby as well.

Most importantly, don’t worry about what you look like as a beginner. Even the best yogis were once just starting out. Come to class with an open mind and a sense of humor. Instructors will provide personalized attention and demonstrate poses or modifications as necessary. Be sure to let your teacher know if you are new or if you have any injuries.

We can’t wait to see you at our studio!


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Can my son/daughter attend a class with me?

Yes, the age limit is 10 years and older accompanied by a parent. Please be respectful to the other students in the class. We ask that you make the best judgment on if your child is ready for a full class.

Is it okay if I am running late to a class?

We ask that you arrive 5 mins before the class starts. Its is important for you to get your muscles warmed up and your mind ready for a class. You may not enter the class after 5 mins from the starting time.


What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes that you can move in.


What are some of the benefits of yoga?

There are countless benefits to Yoga classes, including stress reduction, increased blood circulation, flexibility, strength, improved sleep patterns and relaxation. A regular practice (at least two times a week) can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases (e.g. arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disorders).

What does 'Namaste’ mean?

Yoga instructors commonly end class with the traditional acknowledgement of "Namasté." "Nama" means bow; "as" means I; and "te" means you. Therefore, Namasté literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you." This gesture is a deep form of respect. Or, The light in me sees the light in you.

What does ‘Yoga' mean?

Yoga can be traced back to 5,000 years ago and is a Sanskrit word meaning to join, or yoke; union. Its full meaning is about the union of body, mind and spirit. To join the poses with the breath.

What is Barre?

This ballet inspired, core-centric class focuses on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements. Push yourself to the limit — and then find balance — as every hard worked muscled is followed by a deep, relaxing stretch.

What can I expect in a yoga class?

We start the class with relaxation and breathing to calm the mind and practice being still. Then, warm up followed by sun salutations and poses. All classes end in a relaxing savasana. Some classes we leave time at the end to explore new poses and take time for headstands and handstands.

Can I bring a friend? 

Of course!


Do I need to bring a mat?

You can bring your own mat and we have them available at the studio to rent for a class and available to buy.

How do I pay?

You can pay online or at the studio.

How long is a class?

Each class is 60 mins